A complex programme focused on heraldry and vexillology (flags and banners science) is under preparation presently. Although a minority of the SGHS members is interested in this discipline, we are obliged to support it as well. Today's most expressive tendency is to help individual researchers and artists to present results of their own activities.


The SGHS has organized a meeting of heraldic artists - authors of the municipal symbols in Slovakia, Slovak-Czech symposium "Heraldry in Slovakia", proceedings of which were published in 1997 (as the first volume of the "Bibliotheca Heraldica Slovaca" series), as well as the colloquium "Civil Heraldry in Slovakia" (2000).
One of the most successful project was the travelling exhibition "Contemporary Slovak Heraldic Art", which presented the works of Slovak heraldic designers. The exhibition could be seen in several Slovak towns and later also abroad (the Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Austria, Canada, USA etc.). The permanent exhibition of this kind can be seen in the Castle of Trenčín, Slovakia, since 1997.
The latest successful heraldic projects were the edition of the poster/map "Slovakia in Municipal Symbols" (1996) and a representative monograph "Osem storočí slovenskej heraldiky" (Eight Centuries of Slovak Heraldry, 1999).


Within the frames of the SGHS a project of documentation of the heraldic monuments in Slovakia was proposed. This, however, has not been realized yet. Results of similar activities done by individual members and covering some regions of Slovakia are maintained in the SGHS archives. One can find here also the bio-bibliographical documentation on several outstanding Slovak as well as foreign heraldists. In the reference library there are especially foreign heraldic periodicals.