YAAREMKO - I am looking for origins or areas of residence of Yaaremko and Biros names. Caroline Richard, e-mail (2008-02-15)
- My Grand Parents were Ludovit Kacir (1883-1912 was an Miner who died in mining accident) and Cecilia Jasusova (1882-1916) from Hnilcik/Spiska Nova Ves and our Father was Stefan Kacir (born 05 Jan.1906 also in Hnilcik - died 10 May 1990 in Montreal/Quebec/Canada). I am looking for Family or Relatives in Slovakia and elsewhere --- also I would like to know who were my Great Grand Parents? Recently I found many descendants of Jozef(Josef) Kacir and Julia Jamnicky(Yamnicky) mainly from their daughters Maria (1881-1932) and Anna (1882-1946) Kacir also from Hnilcik who emigrated to USA in 1908-1910 and I am wondering how I am related to them? Darina Klinovsky born Kacir in Bratislava in 1944 - Reply in English or Slovak - e-mail (2004-09-23)
YAMNICKY - Ggrandparents Joseph Kačír (Kachir) and Julia Jamnický (Yamnicki) from Spiš, Grohovský and Katrina Lacinak. Grandparents: Anna Kacir b. 20 Aug 1882, possibly in Hnilčík, Karol Grohovský b. 14 0ct 1879 possibly in Spišská nOvá Ves. Karol Grohovský emigrated to Rock Spring, Wyoming through the Port of Galveston, Texas abt. 1908, Anna Kačír Grohovský emigrated about 1910. Their children born in Slovakia: Mary Emma b. 4 May 1903, d. in Charleston, Ill, USA, Regina, b. 6 June 1905, d. in Rock Springs, Wyoming, USA, infant Joseph b. 1908 or 1909, buried in Hnilčík. Other known relatives: Julia Kačír married Mr. Sliva. Son Joseph may still have been living in Hnilčík in 1978, Klement Kačír may live in Bratislava, Rudolph Kačír may be a teacher in Prešov, Joseph or Stephan Kačír. Susan Reynolds, e-mail (2000-10-13)
YANACK - We are looking for information on the family of Louis Yanak (Janack) who came to the US in 1902 from Czechoslovakia. My husband doesn't have much information at this time. We live in Saint Albans, West Virgnia. Elaine Yanak, e-mail (2005-11-7)
YANKAJ (Snina) – I have been searching my family from Snina for many years. Names Jankay (Yankaj); Karlo and Mackanic. Denise Jankay Rodriguez, e-mail, e-mail (2015-07-26)
YANKANISH - Sutak, Cipa or Elkos? Anyone in Slovakia looking for descendants in Pennsylvania? All males were coal miners. I have the female names but have to verify name and spelling...Duritza and Yankanish! Joyce Elko Phillips, e-mail (2007-02-26)
YANOK - My grandfather was Gustav Yanok (or Janok). His date of birth was March 8, 1886. He came to America in 1904. I have a picture of him in uniform when he was about 16-18 years of age. My uncle said he was in the calvary unit. He came from a family of 11 children. Diane DeLaney, e-mail (2001-10-11)
YANOSHIK - Paul Yanoshik, 128 Oberlin Ave., Sinking Spring, PA 19608, USA (2000-01-17)
YANOVICH - What can you tell me about the last name Yanovich?   Any information you can give me is appreciated. Sophia Hudson, USA, e-mail (2007-01-22) 
YAROSIK - Seeking information on these families from Torysky, Spiš County. My paternal grandparents are: Peter Yarosik, b. May 5, 1871, Anna Skovranko, b. July 24, 1874. My maternal grandparents are: George Petrisko, b. July 3, 1871, Mary Kacej, b. May 10, 1877. Helen Yarosik Sabol, e-mail (1999-05-27)
YASENCHAK (Helcmanovce) - My name is Cathy Rogale Rudzinski. My mother is looking for information about her family on her Mother's side in Helcmonoce, Czheckoslovakia (excise the spelling). Her Mother's maiden name was Mamrak (married name was Yasenchak). My Grandparents came to the USA around different times: Grandma came around 1920, and Grandpa was here around 9 years prior. My Mom is now 82 and would like to know before her time runs out. Cathy Rudzinski, e-mail (2003-09-18)
YENCHA - My mother always said we were Slovak. Not Czechoslovakian. My Grandmother's name was Susanna Konish, maiden nameYencha (not sure of that spelling).  They immigrated here to the U.S. in the early 1900's to Pennsylvania. Specifically Jerome, Pa. To work in the coal mines. Then they moved to Detroit for my Grandfather to do factory work around 1925 (the story goes to avoid the unionization of the coal mines and the violence that was occurring in Jerome). Sue Bertolini-Fox, Michigan, USA, e-mail (2003-01-07)
YENCHAR - Paternal grandparents: Kammer, Kalanin, Mesaros, Dzurko. Maternal grandparents: Simun, Baranek, Boledovich, Bunton, cousin: Yenchar. My grandmother was born 11-21-1892 in Kamienka, I believe. Kathi Higgison. e-mail (2000-10-31)
YESHO (Košice-Kavečany) - Carol Pack Urban, Stahlstown, PA, USA, www (2002-01-17)
YOBAK - Amber Yobak, 2214 Oak Hollow Lane, Cordova, Tn 38016, USA, e-mail  (2003-10-29)
YONKI - e-mail
YOURCHAK - My grandparents left the Muran area about 1900 and I am trying to find any ancestors in the area. The family names are Hajduk and Yourchak. Joseph Hayduk, e-mail
YURA (Ortuťová) - I am trying to find information about the Jura/Yura Family. My grandfather was named George Yura and his wife was named Anna Ivanco. They came from the area of Ortutova. I can find nothing about them here in the United States. Any information you can send me about the Jura/ Yura family will help. John Yura, e-mail (2006-10-10)
YURICK - My name is Maryanne Yurick Jankowski. My husband, Walter and I live in North Carolina, but both originated in New Jersey, USA. On my mother's side, I am a decendent of Katherin and Joseph Chnapko who were born in Slovakia in the late 1800's. Katherin in or near Bratislava (perhaps Trnava), and Joseph born in what used to be Dubovany. The only relative I can find is Gabriela Csolleiova who I believe resides in Bratislava. Maryanne Jankowski, e-mail (2007-12-07)
YURIK (Kostolec) - My GreatGrandfather was John Holub, emigrated Oct 30 1899 aboard the ship Travia, out of Breman Germany to NewYork. He lists his foreign residence a  Kosfall Hungary (Kostolec in the district of Považská Bystrica). I have been told his father's name was Stephan Holub and his mother's name Mary Yurik. Kathleen (maiden Holub) Stringer, e-mail (2001-04-04)
YURINA - My name is Jim Vajda and I live in Ohio in the USA. My brother and I have been tracing our Slovak ancestry for over a year. We have spent many hours and days combing records and graves. Here's what we know about our ancestors that immigrated from what is now Slovakia between 1888 and 1907. There are three separate lines that trace back to Slovakia, all from western Slovakia: Vajda, Somolanyi, and Jurina. - Vajda: Stephen Vajda, b. Aug 15, 1865 Csari, Nyitra, Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary, d. Feb 7, 1948 Ramapo, Rockland, New York, USA. Immigrated to USA about 1888-1889 (no immigration records found). He was a laborer in a pipe factory in Orangeburg, New York, USA. Parents: Joseph (or John) Vajda and Theresa Kormnorunif (unsure of spellings). - Somolanyi: Anna Somolanyi, b. 1868-1872 Kuklo, Pozsony, Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary, d. 1913 Rockland County, New York, USA. Immigrated to USA about 1892 (no immigration records found). Parents: Anthony Somolanyi and Theresa Voroh (unsure of spellings). - Jurina (or Yurina): The Jurina's immigrated separately but all ended up reunited in Rockland County, New York, USA. This leads me to believe that they probably lived together before immigrating, perhaps in Szottina, where Anna was born, or in Vittencz, where her grandfather Josef lived. - Anna Justina Jurina, b. Apr 6, 1898 Szottina, Nyitra, Kingdom of Hungary, Austria-Hungary, d. Jan 6, 1962, immigrated to USA Nov 18, 1907 aboard the S.S. Rhein from Bremen, Germany. She lived with her grandfather Josef Jurina of Vittencz, Nyitra, before reuniting with her family in Rockland County, New York, USA. Parents: Josef Jurina and Ustina Kumick. - Josef Jurina, b. Nov 15, 1873 Austria-Hungary, d. Mar 22, 1921 Nyack, Rockland, New York, USA, Nyack Hospital. Immigrated to USA 1904 (no immigration records found). He was a laborer in a pipe factory in Orangeburg, New York, USA.Parents: Josef Jurina and Katherine. - Ustina (Kumick) Jurina, b. 1877 Austria-Hungary, d. Apr 24, 1963. Immigrated to USA 1906 (no immigration records found). Parents unknown. Jim Vajda, e-mail, www (2007-11-07)
YURKA (Zlín) - Charles S. Pavlu, e-mail(1999-06-25)