DZACKO (Vinné) - I am a first generation American and my father (Girman) and uncle were born in Trebišov. My mother was from Vinné and her maiden name was Dzacko. Tom Girman, e-mail (2000-07-26)
DZADONY (Brezno) - The names I would be looking for would be Dzadony and Zubor.  Somewhere around the town of Brezeno, or Javori, or Mijto. Sherry Zadony, e-mail (2001-03-27)
DZEMA (Šamudovce area, SE Slovakia) - Known immigrants to the US were Mihal Hospodar (in 1911), son of Mihal and Anna Koscso Hospodar, brother of John (immigrated to Canada), Paul, known to have married in Scranton, PA, and Andrew, no information. Additional surnames in the family are Koscso, Dzema and Vargo. Victoria Hospodar Valentine, e-mail (2006-08-21)
DZIAK - I am researching the family of Anna Dziak Michal, my grandmother. She was born in Veľký Ruskov, raised in Dargov, her parents were Andrew Dziak and Anna Lyzesicin Dziak Pristas. My granfather Andrew Michal was born 6/6/1897 to Josef Michal and Anna Honcak Michal Kezak in Jedlova, Saris County. My relatives are the families: Zahorsky, Bajus, Matuscak, Zelenak, Pristas, Dziak, Lyzesicin, Michal/Mihal, and Honcak. Ericka Michal: e-mail (1999-09-14)
- My name is Tarryl Janik. I live in Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA. I, along with my brother are trying to trace my grandfather back to where he lived before coming to the USA. His name was Karel Dzianik. He left your country in late October, 1882. He arrived on the ss Indiana, in November 1882. He was born Nov 7, 1861. He stated on papers that he was Russian, however, the surname clearly indicates he was Slovakian. Perhaps he was Cartho-Rusyn? Tarryl Janik, e-mail, Robert Janik (Dzianik) e-mail (2007-09-10)
DZODAN - My grandfather was John Dzodan. He was born in 1889 and I think he came to the United States in 1907. Sherry L. Lanum (Dzodan), e-mail (2000-09-21)
DZUBA (Zboj, Nová Sedlica) - Surnames: Tarkulic (Tarkulich, Tarkulicz), Dzuba, Czuba. Bill Tarkulich, Andower Business Solutions, 12 Hathaway Road, Lexington, MA 02420-1806, USA, e-mail (2000-03-01)
DZUGANÍK (Kurima) - My family I think came from a town called Kurima, or Cerninan. My Grandfather had several last names Pepos, Pipas , Joganik, Dzuganyk.  My Grandmother was a Evanko her Mothers Maiden name was Hudak. e-mail (2001-02-28)
DZUMELA (Heľpa) - Seek info and contact with relatives of Joseph Dzumela, born 1889 in Heľpa. He married Anna Drevenak. Her brothers were Mike and John. Also related to Mariša Pavelek Rusnak and Stephen Rusnak from Liesek. Joseph and Anna immigrated to Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Diana Hepner, 4730 Poole Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784, USA (1999-10-08)
- I am tracing ancestors from the town of Modra n/c. The surnames are Hancar, Hanscar, Ondkotz, Dzurak, Sztenko, Harvan, Szaloman, Gajdos, Jakub, Ihnat, Miko. Cheryl Hancar, e-mail (2006-02-10)
DZÚRIK (Ploštín) - Doteraz som spracoval rod Dzúrikovcov z Ploštína okr. Liptovský Mikuláš do roku 1722, hľadám kontakty na Dzúrikovcov z oblasti Liptova. RNDr. Ján Dzúrik, Kvačalova 11, 821 08 Bratislava, Tel.: 0903 435 150, e-mail (2006-02-23) 
DZÚRIK (Kolinovce) - My great, great grandfather was Jan (John) Dzurik from Kolinovce. His sons were Valentin, Silvester, Jan and Istvan (Stephan). His daughters were Katerina and Maria. My great grandfather Stephan arrived in the US on February 20, 1879. I am searching for people named DeZurik, Dzurik, DeZurick, Dzurick, DeZurich, Dzurich, Zurik or any other variations that can be documented back to the original name of Dzurik. We intend to compile the bok Dzurik Family Reunion. Please, write or e-mail any information that you would care to share. Brad deZurik, 16727 Katie Lane, Gentry, Arkansas 72761, USA, e-mail (2000-10-30)
DZURKO - Paternal grandparents: Kammer, Kalanin, Mesaros, Dzurko. Maternal grandparents: Simun, Baranek, Boledovich, Bunton, cousin: Yenchar. My grandmother was born 11-21-1892 in Kamienka, I believe. Kathi Higgison. e-mail (2000-10-31)
DZURNÁK (Slovenská Ves) - My grandmother Anna Dzurnak was born in August 20, 1872 in Szepes Tótfalu. She had a brother John Michael and a half brother, supposedly an illegitimate child given the name Michael Pesta, the mother’s maiden name and two sisters, Mary and Catherine. Her parents were Michael and Catherine Pesta Dzurnak. Her grandmother’s name was Mary Pesta. She married John Plucinsky Kupcik in Slovenska Ves in January 1892. Sandra Kay Kupcik, e-mail (2000-06-22)
DZUROVEJ - Skúmam rody Baloga (Víťaz, okr. Prešov), Brečka (Brecska), Schwarzbacher, Dzurovej, Pankovčin. Patrik Baloga, Osloboditeľov 717/97, 067 81 Belá nad Cirochou, e-mail (2010-11-08)