The Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society with the aim to support the development of genealogical research of Slovakia related families and to evaluate its best results proclaims the 5th course of the competition 


  • the competition is public (everyone can take part in it) 
  • works applied should be original, thematically focused on Slovakia related families 
  • competition will be assessed by the jury consisting of three experts (first three works will be given a prize)
  • works or parts of them, suitable for publishing, will be published by SGHS within its own abilities
  • when the competition is over all the works registered will become part of the SGHS archival collections, where they will be at disposal to other researchers
  • the competition will be assessed in October 2007 in Martin, Slovakia
  • works together with the written registration form containing a name and an address of the participant should be delivered by March 31st, 2007 to the address: 

  • SGHS, nám. J. C. Hronského 1, 036 01 Martin, Slovakia



1995 (19 authors, 19 works):

  1. J. M. Lehotský: Saga of the Izák Family
  2. Ľ. Kubiš: Selec. Genealogies of Families, Trenčín 1995 (print, published by an author)
  3. J. Žilák: The Bartholomeides Family and the Destinies of its Members (typescript, later published in the periodical Obzor Gemera-Malohontu, Vol. 25, 1995, Nr. 1, pp. 29-36)
1998 (14 authors, 16 works):
  1. M. Trančík: Between Old and New. History of the Booksellers' Family Steiner in Bratislava. Bratislava 1997 (print, published by the Vydavateľstvo PT)
  2. J. Žilák: Ján Francisci-Rimavský - History of the Family
  3. F. Federmayer: The Census of Bratislava Inhabitants from the Year 1624 (typescript)
2001 (18 authors, 19 works):
  1. A. Kredatusová: The Probstners from Nová Ľubovňa and Jakubany
  2. M. Kamasová: Andrej Krasislav Mešša, the First Mining Manager, Pioneer of Mining in Veľký Krtíš, and his Family. Veľký Krtíš 2001 (PC print) J. Žilák: Genealogy of the Goldsmiths Family of Libay. Banská Bystrica 2001 (typescript)
  3. M. Jankovich: From the History of the Family Jankovich (-ych, -ič) from Podbranč 1698-1998. Trenčín 1999 (PC print) P. Kothaj: Forefathers. Banská Bystrica 2001 (PC-print)
2004 (12 authors, 17 works)
  1. Z. Ďuriška: Among mills and banks. Genealogy of the family Makovický. Martin 2002 (PC print)
  2. P. Kothaj: A book about the Čárskys. Banská Bystrica 2003 (PC print)
  3. R. Pavlovič: A Greek-Catholic family Pavlovič from Šarišské Čierne, 1693 – 1900. Prešov 2004 (PC print)
All the works were reviewed in Genealogicko-heraldický hlas