Martin, SGHS 2002, 140 pp., paperback
ISBN 80-968717-2-2
Edited by: Júlia Hautová, Ladislav Vrtel
English translations: Zdenko G. Alexy
Graphic design: Tomáš Brúder

„In the second half of the twentieth century the renaissance of heraldry research and creativity took place, focused mainly on town and communal coats of arms. Although interest in church heraldry and creation of numerous episcopal and parochial arms has begun in the seventies already, civil arms had to wait for the Velvet Revolution of 1989. Since this time limit interest in personal arms was gradually increasing. This development is considered important as without personal arms, noble and burgher, it would be difficult to speak about heraldry in Slovakia comprising all branches of this noble art. It was the Heraldry College, together with the Heraldry Register in the Ministry of the Interior, who were responsible for the successful start of these activities. Despite of attempts to discredit, scandalize and make this branch of contemporary Slovak heraldry a play of politics, the modern Slovak civil heraldry has become firmly rooted and attained high level due to which i tis being accepted by foreign armorial institutions as well. Anyhow, there are numerous heraldic, legal and artistic problems and questions, in theory and in practice looking for formulation and solution.
This volume contains numerous contemporary views in actual non noble family heraldry, its traditions and today’s concept as presented on 9th September, 2000 in Trenčín, at the conference called Civil Heraldry in Slovakia.“

From the contents:
Civil Arms – Yes or No? (Leon Sokolovský)
Civil Heraldry in Slovakia (Frederik Federmayer)
The Coat of Arms of the Jung Mediaeval Family of Banská Bystrica (Vladimír Rábik)
Some Legal Aspects of Creation and Use of Civil Arms in Slovakia (Jozef Králik)
Heraldic and Artistic Particularities of Family Arms (Ladislav Vrtel)
Civil Heraldry and Phaleristics (Igor Graus)
The Heraldry Register of the Slovak Republic and Civil Arms (Peter Kartous)
Noble Arms and Civil Heraldry I (Frederik Federmayer)
Noble Arms and Civil Heraldry II (Ladislav Vrtel)
Civil and Family Heraldry Abroad (Zdenko G. Alexy)