At present the SGHS consists of more than 500 members from Slovakia (mainly), Czech Republic and other countries (Hungary, USA, France).
During the General Assembly, held once in 2 years, the Committee as well as the Audit Commission are elected. The Committee consists of 11 members - outstanding Slovak heraldists and genealogists, employees of Slovak archives, universities and other institutions. The President is PhDr. Radoslav Ragač, Ph.D., director of the Slovak National Archives in Bratislava, the Secretary is Milan Šišmiš from Slovak National Library in Martin. (Statutes, Officers).
The main sources of income of the SGHS are membership fees, contributions from foundations and from the Matica slovenská, as well as - especially in recent years - it gains from its own activities. The main of them is publishing the periodical "Genealogicko-heraldický hlas" (Genealogical-Heraldic Voice), as well as other non-periodical publications.
The Society maintains good relations with the Slovak Ministry of Interior, its Archives Department and Heraldic Commission, with particular archives and museums on the territory of Slovakia, as well as with foreign genealogical, heraldic and Slovak organizations. The SGHS is a member of the International Confederation of Genealogical and Heraldic Societies, of the Federation of East-European Family History Societies (St. Paul, USA), and of the Federation of Family History Societies (Birmingham, Great Britain).

Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society
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036 01 Martin,
Phone: 421-43-4131267,
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