Editions of the SGHS are designed by outstanding Slovak graphic artists

LADISLAV ČISÁRIK (1953) - heraldic painter, graphic designer, since 1979 has been working at his own graphic studio Signum in Bratislava. He cooperates with the Heraldic Commission of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic. In 1990 he designed national symbols of the Slovak Republic. He is the co-author (together with L. Vrteľ) of the national coats-of-arms, national flag and the standard of President of the Slovak Republic. He has dsigned or modified coats-of-arms and seals of more than 100 Slovak towns and villages. His heraldic invention has influenced many other Slovak heraldic designers. He is the author of the SGHS symbols (the arms and the seal, 1991), designer of the publication "Najstaršie rody na Slovensku" (The Oldest Families in Slovakia, 1994) and of a map/poster "Slovakia in Municipal Symbols"(1996).

PETER ĎURÍK (1947) - graphic designer - typographer, since 1988 he has been working at the Osveta Publishing House in Martin. He has designed tens of books published by various editors, for many years he has been devoted to designing the marks and logos as well. He is, for example, the author of the logos for the Slovak General Credit Bank (Všeobecná úverová banka), for the Association of Hospitals of Slovakia, for the Slovak National Literary Museum in Martin and others. His works have been awarded with many Slovak as well as foreign prizes (in recent years he has won a lot of prizes especially in the national competition "Best Books of Slovakia"). For SGHS he designed an informative leaflet "Po stopách vlastných predkov" (Tracing Your Slovak Ancestors, 1996), publications "Heraldika na Slovensku" (Heraldry in Slovakia, 1997), the "Sága rodu Izákovcov" (Saga of the Izák Family, 1997) by J. M. Lehotský and the "Ján Francisci-Rimavský - genealógia rodu" (Ján Francisci-Rimavský - History of the Family 2000) by J. Žilák. He designed also the genealogical book "Po stopách Holubyovcov" (Tracing the Holubys, 1996) by M. Šišmiš.